Expert Services

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Expert Witness Services

•Litigation Consulting

•Case Evaluation

•Evidence Review and Forensic Analysis


•Complaint, Petition, and Response Preparation Assistance

•Damage Calculations

•Expert Declarations and Affidavits

•Exhibits for Settlement Conference, Mediation, and Trial

•Active Litigation: Rebuttal Witness

•Deposition, Arbitration, and Trial Testimony

•Insurance Fraud

•Pension & Benefit Plan Fraud

•Insurance Company Fraud

•Legal Reports

•419 & 412 plan defense

•Employee benefit plan audits/penalty resolution

•IRS Audit assistance

Personal Finance Assistance
Personal Finance Assistance

•Plan reviews, evaluations & remediation

•Expert Witness testimony

•Research & Analysis of Tax Laws

•Guidance for Businesses, Attorneys, CPAs & Insurance professionals nationwide

•Stock market, Mutual fund & Insurance loss recovery

•Retirement Plan Lawsuit